Apple's New TV Spots Reinforce It's About Selling An Experience

If you happened to miss it, Apple over the holidays released two new television spots. The new ads, entitled “Misunderstood” and “Holiday,” aimed to reinforce not only the company’s own philosophy in regards to the design of its products, but also how the firm interprets the “benefits” that its products ultimately provide to those who end up using them.

The fact is this. Media pundits, Apple aficionados and technology analysts can scrutinize the specifications, and internals, of the products Apple will continue to release down to the very last detail. Some might complain when the company releases a product without their own wanted features. Personally, I have no doubt they will.

When it comes down to it, though, it’s not about the specs, the internals. The technology.

It’s about selling an experience.

Apple is telling the world that it was “misunderstood” by the media in 2013. The rampant speculation of faster processors, bumped camera modules, and fingerprint-laden home buttons was all but pointless — because it’s not about speeds tests, measuring the thickness of outer bezels, or speculating on the size of battery packs anymore.

It never was.

It’s about the end product. The almost invisible experience that this technology eventually comes together to provide, to aid us just that little bit more on this journey we call life.

In the ads we are invited to join the Harris family, as they go about enjoying their Christmas celebrations together. There are times of laughter, excitement, reflection, surprise, and remembrance, as all of the moments are captured – forever – with the help of Apple’s iPhone.

Between the two ads, later we see one of the sons then “AirPlay” his iPhone to Apple TV to “relive” these precious moments of life – as the whole family sits down to watch and relive the moments with him.

This is what Apple is all about.

Watch the two ads now on YouTube.

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