Facebook Could Be Selling Your Private Messaging Data

You heard right.

Of course, you’re probably not all that surprised, if you’ve been keeping up with the persistent stripping away of our rights as human beings.

Recently, for example, we highlighted that a reform bill currently being looked over by U.S Congress is threatening to legalise “mass-surveillance.” We told you how the CIA is allegedly paying U.S wireless carrier, AT&T, to gain access to your personal call data. How Google has reported a 50% increase in government FISA requests over the last 3-years.

We even brought to light that you could soon be paying less for your monthly internet connection, providing you sign away your internet privacy. We told you how Google was recently fined $1.23 Million in Spain for (allegedly) breaking privacy laws, how the U.S National Security Agency reported a 100% success rate regarding its wireless methods to install spying software onto Apple’s iPhone — an allegation, Apple says, it knows nothing about.

And we told you that Facebook might be tracking where you go.

But, let’s forget about all that. No, really. What really matters is that Justin and Solena have been spotted together on Segways!Aww. Cute.

In order to understand what is going on here, we need to look at the bigger picture.

The multinational conglomerates of the new age don’t care about you.
They care about one thing: Data.

Data is the new currency. It’s the Alpha and Omega. It makes up the majority of the worth of the multi-billion dollar companies we have today, like; Facebook, Twitter, Google … and it has made countless people at the top of them billionaires.

And who provides the currency? The data?Us. These companies rely on one thing. Our continued use of their product. See, without us, Facebook is nothing(apart from a bunch of non-targeted ads). It has no physical product.

We are the product — and if this latest allegation that the company could be selling the data, you think, is being sent privately to your friends, family, colleagues, through the Facebook network — proves true, it will only go on to solidify this point further.


“Facebook users Matthew Campbell and Michael Hurley have brought the lawsuit against Facebook in the US, claiming the company are in violation of the Electronic Communications Privacy Act,” the Metro reports this afternoon. “The lawsuit claims the scanning ‘is a mechanism for Facebook to surreptitiously gather data in an effort to improve its marketing algorithms and increase its ability to profit from data about Facebook users.’”

The above lawsuit will probably be shoved under the rug, and Mr. Campbell and Mr. Hurley will probably be paid handsomely in allowing Facebook to do this. Of course, that last bit is just my personal opinion.

Privacy is gone. Hope you enjoyed it, while it lasted.

/ Image Credit: Reuters

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