“DeployIt!” For Mac. Drag-and-Drop App Distribution For Developers.

Making its debut on the Mac App Store at the end of last week, GGM41’s DeployIt! is a tool for iOS developers which claims to allow for the wireless deploying of your in-testing application(s) to both those iOS devices locally available on your network, and those which are not.

The free app works by you as the developer first dragging-and-dropping either your .app or .ipa file into the separate DeployIt! window. Once this step is complete, the software then claims that – as long as the UDID of the device is registered in the provision profile – all iPhones and iPads in your local network will be able to install your app.

DeployIt! allows the sending of an e-mail to all your beta testers, providing a unique link in order for them to be able to download and install your app. All you have to do is copy the provided email template and paste into the email you’re looking to send, and you’re away.

In the event the beta tester you’re looking to include in your “beta” program is not in your local network, DeployIt! can make it so that the app can instead be installed via your shared Dropbox folder. Again, though, you’ll want to make sure that the UDID of the iPhone or iPad in question is registered on the app’s own provision profile, in order for this to work.

Dropbox is a requirement – so, if you don’t already have an account, you’ll want to create one. Once you have one, though, theres no server required. To use DeployIt! all you need is a Mac computer for the app’s local server deployment, and DeployIt! (and Dropbox) will do the rest for you.

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Version: 1.0.2

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