ClickTunes For Mac: Turn Your Current Actions Into Music.

If you’ve already switched to Spotify – and you’re now enjoying its new and free music-streaming service, (that just also went live for everyone on iPhone and iPad) – chances are you’re also going to want to check out ClickTunes for Mac.

ClickTunes for Mac monitors your current actions and turns these into BPM (or “Beats Per Minute”). It then takes this information and scans your Spotify library for tracks which match this BPM rate, playing the songs that, it says, “match your [current activities].”

Are you tired of searching your Spotify for music that will match with your daily activities? … Do you want to easily explore new songs that will satisfy your musical taste buds? … And wouldn’t it be great if Spotify adapted to your current behavior and switched to bone shaking hard rock if you’d start playing your favorite game?

We think yes and thats why Clicktunes measures your Actions per Minute (APM) and translates them magically into Beats per Minute (BPM) which results in delicious tunes from your Spotify. Choose from more than 100 genres so you won’t be stuck to music you do not enjoy at all.

Say goodbye to countless playlists that are not going to be updated anymore. What you will find is a slick client that will ensure you always have the music that you need with all the functionality you would expect – custom presets, user shortcuts and a light weight client for every day usage.

ClickTunes for Mac is FREE (for a limited time).

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Version: 1.0.2

iPhone + iPad

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