Cactus: A Better Way To Create and Publish Websites.

Nowadays, there are many services that allow you create a website with little to no effort. WordPress, for example, arguably the most-popular web content creation platform, currently powers 75,262,365 sites (worldwide) – including this one.

Cactus for Mac is a brand-new website creation offering that combines the use of template engines, CSS pre-processors, CoffeeScript, local web servers, cloud hosting and auto reloading, to build a ‘significantly improved’ way to create, and then publish, websites to the web.

Cactus does this by using a static site generator to generate your site into a set of flat files, and then provides an internal web server to show you all of your changes almost immediately.


Just pick from one of the predefined templates (Blog, Portfolio, Profile), or start from scratch if you like. The built-in Django template engine will allow you to set out your website just how you want it, with changes available to be viewed on any device – instantly, complete with auto reload.

Once you feel that your website is finished, deploying it to Amazon S3 account for reliable, fast and inexpensive hosting, is just a few clicks away. Cactus will even automatically configure your name servers. All you need to do is choose one of your currently owned domain names, and you’re off.

Complete with a free and open source terminal version, (for those comfortable in coding, versus using a GUI), optional plugins to add custom functionality, and a boilerplate for creation of error pages, site maps and robots.txt files – right out of the box, Cactus was just updated with a whole bunch of improvements and bug fixes – and is now available on the Mac App Store, for $29.99.

Start creating beautiful websites, today.


iPhone Only


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