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Going “Hands-On” With Apple Pay [VIDEO]

Although Apple’s new NFC payment service is officially only supported in the U.S, as we pointed out just several hours ago – providing you have a U.S credit card, the correct location settings, and a retailer that already supports the contactless payments standard – you can pretty much use Apple Pay wherever you are in the world.

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Following the service’s launch across the pond, on Monday, a number of users have already taken to the streets to put Apple Pay to the test – and initial reactions to swiping an iPhone to pay for stuff in the real world, are – perhaps, unsurprisingly – considered “awesome,” and an experience full of “Wow” for many.

iPhoneinCanada shares this video from one of its readers, showing the Apple Pay system in action at Tim Hortons in Canada:

This video shows Apple Pay working at McDonald’s:

And finally, Walgreens:

TechCrunch describes its first experience of using Apple Pay at both McDonald’s, and Walgreens, as quick – but not game-changeworthy. Especially considering that you are still required to sign during some parts of the general checkout process, when using Apple Pay.

“Holding my thumb to Touch ID and my phone to the payment terminal, it took about a second and a half to register at Walgreens and the same amount of time at McDonald’s. Don’t expect it to change the entire experience however: you still have to sign for the amount shown at the drug store and get a receipt to show to the cashier when picking up your order at a fast food joint.”

Jason Snell for Six Colors appeared to be more impressed:

“I pulled the iPhone 6 out of my pocket and before I could even move it closer to the payment terminal—newly festooned with a Now Accepting Apple Pay tag—Apple Pay appeared on my phone and asked me to verify my purchase via Touch ID.”

While Apple is yet to confirm when Apple Pay will be officially supported in other countries, VISA’s mobile head, Pedro Sousa, recently spoke with The Independent on Apple Pay coming to the UK: “We don’t have any concrete dates, but we’re talking about next year,” the payment executive said.

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