USB-C Transfer Opens Up Apple TV 4 To Game Emulators [VIDEO]

Whilst Apple’s stance on loading apps and games not authorised or downloaded through its own App Store is most definitely still stringent, in the case of the still evolving Apple TV 4 it appears the introduction of USB-C, and the ease of the process involved in adding third-party apps to the device, could be about to open up a whole new world of emulation for tvOS.


A thread over on the MacRumors Forums describes how Apple’s latest TV box has already been “hacked” to run unauthorised ROMs of popular Nintendo and SEGA titles. Unlike most hacks involving the Apple TV that have surfaced in the past, though, this particular hack doesn’t require much “hacking.”

Instead the method uses Apple’s inclusion of the USB-C transfer standard on the back of the device, (originally included to allow developers to test their apps on tvOS), to side-load unofficial emulation app Provenance onto the fourth-generation Apple TV.

The availability of Provenance outside the tvOS App Store is likely to mark just the first in a line of game emulators that will likely be unofficially ported or made available for those running tvOS in the coming months, all of which should add (albeit unauthorised) value to Apple’s new media streaming box.

In order to install Provenance you will first require the fourth-generation Apple TV, a computer running Mac OS X, alongside a USB Type-C to USB Cable (available on Amazon), and a FREE Apple Developer account.

More instructions on the hack are available here.