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Apple Renames Passbook To “Wallet”

One announcement that appears to have been all-but skimmed over following Apple’s presser, on Monday, was the renaming of Passbook to Wallet – evermore confirmation that Apple wants to replace your existing wallet with...

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iOS 9: All The Little Things

We’ve already given you a pretty comprehensive rundown of the main features you can expect to see in iOS 9. However, there’s a couple of other addition relating to the iOS upgrade that we...

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iOS 9 [See What's New]

Another year at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference – also meant getting a preview of what we can expect to see from the company’s next major planned update to iOS.


More Banners Spotted at Moscone [PHOTO]

With less than 12 hours to go before Apple executives take to the stage for this year’s WWDC conference in San Francisco, MacStories editor Federico Viticci has shared a new photo that shows a...