First Photos Taken With iPhone 7 Plus Get Published

Providing perhaps the first real-world glimpse at the photographic capabilities of its just announced smartphones, as highlighted by Broussard, Apple CEO Tim Cook has begun the week by publicly sharing the first set of photos to be taken professionally using the -now available to pre-order- iPhone 7 Plus.

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Weekly Pick (iPhone)

Version: 1.3

iPhone + iPad

Apple: “Submit your apps today.”

As the public releases of iOS 10, watchOS 3, tvOS 10 and macOS Sierra inch ever closer, Apple sent out a new mailshot to developers – at the end of last week, calling for them to begin submitting their app updates for each of its four main app platforms.

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Weekly Pick (Mac)

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Weekly Pick (iPad)

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Apple’s New iPhones Are A Master-Class in Design

It’s perhaps all too easy to watch one of Apple’s media presentations and be in total awe of the spectacle. The highly orchestrated magic show designed to be unquestionably consumed by the masses.

But look a little further, beyond all that ‘pizzazz’ … and you start to see a glimpse of dedication.

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