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Amazon + Twitch

Amazon has announced it will acquire live-streaming video platform, Twitch. The service, originally launched in June 2011 – and primarily focusing on video gaming, delivers user-generated “playthroughs” of video games to viewers, alongside live streams of e-sports competitions.

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Deals: MacBook Air Dual Core i5 (13.3 inch) [Was: £949, Now: £643] [Hurry!]

Apple’s MacBook Air is light, incredibly thin and perhaps most importantly of all – portable.

First released on January 29, 2008, and having seen a total of eight hardware revisions during its product lifecyle to date, (the last revision being in April), this week we’re giving you the chance as a RazorianFly reader to get your hands on the MacBook Air Dual Core i5 (13.3 inch) – at an incredible price.

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