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Bump Coming Back To Take On Apple’s AirDrop?

Once upon a time there was a little app called Bump that allowed for the wireless transfer of information, (particularly, contact information), to another iOS or Android device – simply by bumping two devices operating on the same platform, together.

Then, Google killed it.

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HBO and CBS Announce VOD Streaming Services [UPDATED]

Just hours before Apple executives take to the stage to announce what’s next for the company’s product line-up, U.S television networks HBO and CBS have both announced new video-on-demand streaming services, this week, that will see subscribers given access to each network’s vast library of shows, and live content – for a monthly fee.

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NYT: Rdio Moving To Free Music Model. Today.

Good news for those of you who prefer to stream your music, rather than own it.

Music streaming service Rdio has announced that it is about to issue an update to its popular mobile client, that will see the company introduce periodic ads in-between the tracks users play, in return for free access to its radio-based music library.

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