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Apple’s Going All Out On Advertising The 4th-Gen Apple TV [PHOTO]

You only need to play around with the fourth-generation Apple TV for a few hours to see Apple’s ultimate vision for what television could be in the future.

Merging the world of apps with access to live content, music and more, Apple’s vision for the future of television would appear to be less about a box with a bunch of predefined channels, and more about creating a truly personalised experience around the big screen that resides in your living room.

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Now Streaming On Apple Music: “Shake, Shake, Shake” By The Sounds [LISTEN]

Arriving as a track that is just begging for some Apple ad love, and perhaps the perfect way to start your Monday, The Sounds marks just one the latest artist discoveries I’ve made during my time using Apple Music.

And now, it appears I’m going to be using Apple’s music streaming service a whole lot more, mostly down to how freaking awesome the interface for the service is on the new Apple TV.

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