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Fixing Your Broken Apple Watch Just Got Cheaper …

With Apple’s one-year manufacturer warranty likely set to expire at the end of April for all those that jumped on the new wearable on day one – the company is this week slashing the price of what it would cost to carry out an out-of-warranty repair on Apple Watch Sport, to $199.

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Apple Releases iOS 9.3 (13E236) That Addresses Activation Errors With Older iOS Devices

Just a day after it was reported by a number of users who had attempted to upgrade to iOS 9.3 – that the process was causing their devices to essentially be left in an unactivated state, (an issue that was initially thought to relate to Apple’s servers, and has now turned out to be the result of a bug within the original release version of the software), Apple has this morning issued a new version of its latest software update designed specifically for install by these users.

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