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No, It’s Not Your Eyes …

You may have noticed we made some significant changes to the site, over the weekend – so we thought it a good idea to make them official in the form of this article, whilst taking the opportunity to briefly tell you a bit more about the thinking behind each change.

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Week Two: Back in NYC

Christy Turlington Burns is using Apple Watch to train for one of the world’s biggest marathons. She’s also documenting her progress and how the smartwatch is helping her do this on

This is her second entry from the weekly blog.

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Goodbye, TUAW

The Unofficial Apple Weblog is no more – and as I sit here, drinking my morning coffee, I can’t help but find myself writing a few words about the team at the site.

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Ad Blockers: A Double-Edged Sword.

In this new and transparent world we live in – where iOS and Mac developers share their yearly financials in the open air, with others, in order to give further insight into their expenditure and costs, and as we move into the weekend, I wanted to highlight a progressive issue that involves a select portion of this site’s valued monthly readership.

Again, it’s not an easy subject to bring up. But, it’s one that needs to be talked about openly.

So, bear with me. Here it goes …

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