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Own It Early: 22 Jump Street [$17.99 HD]

Not officially set to hit DVD (and Blu-ray), until November 18, Apple is currently giving iTunes customers in the U.S the chance to own the sequel to the 2012 box-office smash: 21 Jump Street,...

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Celebrating Living Legend: George Clooney

From his recent lead role in the Oscar-winning space blockbuster, Gravity – to his unforgettable performance as hustler Danny Ocean in the Ocean’s franchise, George Clooney is still a force to be reckoned with...

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iTunes CA: Build Your Movie Collection

Giving those in Canada yet another chance to pad out their existing iCloud Movie libraries, with some of the iTunes Store’s best films across its many different genres, Apple’s new “Build Your Movie Collection”...


Weird Al Is On To The Global Conspiracy

Taking a short break following his 2011 release, Alpocalypse, Alfred Yankovic – better known by his stage name, “Weird Al” – is back this week, with his fourteenth studio album – Mandatory Fun.

Movies In French [Under $8]

Movies In French [Under $8]

Some of the best movies ever created were filmed entirely in French. From La Règle du jeu to Eyes Without a Face, there’s just something about a movie totally filmed in the French language...