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Welcome to RazorianFly 9.0

Simplicity is really about design that has purpose – and in an age where the once all-reigning online advertising paradigm is seeing a seismic shift in the way it will function going forward, we are looking to follow the curve.

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No, It’s Not Your Eyes …

You may have noticed we made some significant changes to the site, over the weekend – so we thought it a good idea to make them official in the form of this article, whilst taking the opportunity to briefly tell you a bit more about the thinking behind each change.

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Apple Watch Straps Too Bland? … Fear Not.

Apple has a vast selection of bands and straps that it will not only sell with each Apple Watch, but that it will also be offering as separate purchases to those looking to add more bands to their arsenal of social looks.

However, if you happen to be of the mind that Apple’s default colour combinations are too bland for your own liking, there is a firm that is looking to change that.

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