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Case Leaks Appear To Corroborate No Headphone Jack On iPhone 7 [PHOTOS]

Towards the beginning of the year, you may recall a report published by Fortune which claimed Apple’s next iPhone will arrive without a headphone port.

The planned omission is thought to be just part of Apple’s upcoming attempt to migrate users over to using bluetooth headphones, a theory which has also sparked rumours that the company could be working on its own set of wireless earbuds for eventual use with the new device.

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Replay: John Gruber Interviews Cue and Federighi [LISTEN]

If you happened to miss John Gruber’s recent sit down with Apple services head, Eddy Cue, and software development chief Craig Federighi during the 146th episode of ‘The Talk Show’ podcast, the good news is that you can now replay the whole episode again – after the break.

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