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Apple: Meet The New Apple Music

One of the main features of iOS 10 is Apple Music’s highly-readable new design – and in an attempt to introduce as many users as possible to the service’s new look, Apple has sent out a new mailshot to iTunes customers.

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Apple’s New iPhones Are A Master-Class in Design

It’s perhaps all too easy to watch one of Apple’s media presentations and be in total awe of the spectacle. The highly orchestrated magic show designed to be unquestionably consumed by the masses.

But look a little further, beyond all that ‘pizzazz’ … and you start to see a glimpse of dedication.

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Let’s Talk About Apple’s New Music App …

In addition to previewing what’s to come with the launch of iOS 10 – later this year, Apple on Monday also pulled the wraps off its newly designed Music app, and it’s safe to say it’s going to take those who had become accustomed to the old design, a while to warm to …

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