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Starbucks and KFC To Join 2016 Apple Pay Roll Out

Right on the heels of Barclays confirming that its credit and debit customers will be able to take advantage of Apple Pay here in the UK – starting next year, food and beverage chains Starbucks and KFC are also planning to participate in Apple’s continued rollout of the NFC payment service – in 2016.

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iOS Ad Blockers Found To Be Installing Root Certificates

iOS 9 may introduce the ability to block those often distracting ads from your favourite websites – however, at least some of those ad-blocking offerings that have sprung up on the App Store since the software first saw its public release – last month, have been found to breach Apple’s strict privacy policies.

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Pause – For When It’s Time To Zone Out

Taking a little time out to pause … in an otherwise busy work day can be gratefully beneficial to both your health, well-being and overall mindset. Recognising this principle, and building upon the ancient teachings of Chinese martial art Tai Chi – the folks over at ustwo in Malmö, Sweden have created PAUSE.

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10 iOS Games On Sale This Weekend [LIST]

You made it! – it’s the end of the week, and that can only mean one thing … the weekend is just around the corner. Here are 10 iOS games that are now on-sale from their regular askings and that should pass the time, until next week swings around.


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