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Ryan Seacrest Returns With ‘Typo2’ Keyboard for iPad [CES]

Ryan Seacrest isn’t giving up on his mobile accessories company. Despite landing himself and his business partner, Laurence Hallier, in hot water with Blackberry at last year’s CES, over the design and function of the firm’s first product – the Typo, Seacrest is returning this week to show off a much larger version of the detachable keyboard accessory for Apple’s iPad.

This time, it’s the Typo2 for iPad.

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Apple May Have Deleted Some Songs From Your iPod (Back In 2007)

In testimony given as part of the ongoing iTunes antitrust lawsuit, through which Apple is now defending itself over its alleged actions involving the ‘anti-competitive’ behaviour it showed, in relation to the treatment of a user’s music library – back in the heyday of the all-reigning iPod, Apple has seemingly admitted to the deletion of songs from iPods that it found had not been purchased through iTunes.

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Cue: “The Whole World Knew It.”

Apple has rolled out its “negotiator extraordinaire,” Eddy Cue, to publicly clarify the company’s stance in the ongoing class-action eBooks lawsuit, that accused the firm of (allegedly) conspiring to fix the pricing of digital books sold via the iBooks Store.

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