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Alleged Packaging Photo Leaks for iPhone SE

It’s clear that the current debate over what moniker Apple will eventually choose to use in order to market its mid-cycle iPhone hardware refresh, will soon be over.

Meantime, as the world awaits to see what that will be come the company’s media presser next Monday, a photo has surfaced on Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo that claims to show the packaging for the as yet unannounced iPhone SE.

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Case Leaks Appear To Corroborate No Headphone Jack On iPhone 7 [PHOTOS]

Towards the beginning of the year, you may recall a report published by Fortune which claimed Apple’s next iPhone will arrive without a headphone port.

The planned omission is thought to be just part of Apple’s upcoming attempt to migrate users over to using bluetooth headphones, a theory which has also sparked rumours that the company could be working on its own set of wireless earbuds for eventual use with the new device.

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